Lingose Web3 GameID Protocol (2023) | Lingose GameFi Guide

Discover Lingose Web3 GameID Protocol (2023) that aims to revolutionize GameFi. Learn about its unique tokenomics, the Lingose ID as a gaming passport, and why it’s a promising long-term investment. Find out where to buy Lingose Game (LING) and get access now. Explore the future of gaming with Lingose!

Lingose Web3 GameID Protocol (2023)
Lingose Web3 GameID Protocol (2023)

Lingose Web3 GameID Protocol

Lingose Web3 is a revolutionary GameID Protocol set to transform the landscape of GameFi. This cutting-edge protocol is designed with smart contracts, creating an on-chain credential that tracks user behaviors and scoring as they interact with Web3 protocols and games.

Lingose Tokenomics

Lingose has ingeniously devised a novel token economic model to empower users in the realm of Web3.0 gaming. The focal point of this approach lies in incentivizing campaigns that offer lucrative LGT (Lingose Token) rewards. These campaigns are akin to the popular Xbox or Playstation Trophies, where users need to complete specific tasks to earn exciting rewards.

The Lingose team has allocated 25% of the total supply of 10,000,000,000 LGT tokens for user rewards, encouraging active participation and amplifying the network effects of the Lingose Game ID. Furthermore, 20% of the tokens will be directed towards the ecosystem fund, while 15% will be reserved for the community treasury, exemplifying Lingose’s commitment to fostering growth and sustainability.

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Lingose Web3 GameID Protocol (2023)

Lingose Web3 Game ID

The Lingose Web3 Game ID, known as the “Lingose ID,” is at the core of the project’s vision. This Game ID acts as a passport for users, accompanying them on their thrilling Web3 gaming adventures. The Lingose ID keeps track of users’ achievements and experiences across the multi-chain gaming universe, serving as a social identity passport that showcases accomplishments to other gamers.

The technical foundation of the Lingose ID is built upon a smart contract referred to as Proof of Play (POP). Operating on the ERC-721 standard for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), this ingenious contract ensures seamless compatibility across multiple networks, including ETH, BNB Chain, OKC Chain, and Polygon.

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Is Lingose GameFi a Good Long-Term Investment?

Lingose Web3 has already garnered significant attention in the GameFi space and experienced meteoric growth since its IDO launch on Bybit’s Launchpad in September 2021. The project’s ambition to establish a universal gaming passport that spans multiple games and blockchains positions it as an attractive ‘index’ investment in the realm of crypto gaming.

The expertise of the Lingose team, combined with invaluable guidance from eminent figures in the NFTs and Web3 gaming sector, strengthens the foundation of the project and instills confidence in its long-term prospects.

As the Lingose ID protocol gains traction and adoption across numerous games, the demand for LING tokens is expected to rise substantially. These factors contribute to Lingose Web3’s potential to emerge as a leading platform in the thriving GameFi ecosystem.

Where to Buy Lingose Game (LING)?

Currently, acquiring Lingose Game (LING) directly with fiat currency through conventional financial channels like Paypal or bank cards is not feasible. To purchase Lingose Game (LING), users need to first acquire another cryptocurrency such as USDT, BTC, ETH, or BNB that can be easily obtained with fiat currency.

Following this, users can transfer their preferred cryptocurrency to a cryptocurrency exchange or wallet that supports Lingose Game (LING) transactions. Numerous exchanges and wallets offer over-the-counter (OTC) services for USDT, making it simple to convert local fiat currency (e.g., USD, EUR, Turkish Lira, PHP) to USDT. Once acquired, USDT can be used to purchase, sell, and trade Lingose Game (LING)


Lingose’s Web3 GameID Protocol represents a significant step forward for the GameFi ecosystem. By establishing a universal Game ID protocol bound by smart contracts, Lingose enables blockchain users to immerse themselves in a world of interactive gaming experiences, earning rewards and showcasing achievements across multiple gaming platforms. With its innovative tokenomics and commitment to growth, Lingose is a promising investment option for those seeking to be a part of the thriving GameFi space.


How does the Lingose Game ID work?

The Lingose Game ID operates as a passport for Web3 gaming adventures, tracking user accomplishments and interactions with various games through a smart contract-based NFT called Proof of Play (POP).

Why is Lingose considered a promising GameFi investment?

Lingose’s impressive growth in the GameFi space, experienced team, and support from prominent figures in NFTs and Web3 gaming contribute to its promising outlook as a leading player in the virtual economy.

Which blockchain networks are compatible with the Lingose ID?

The Lingose ID is designed to be deployed on multiple chains, including ETH, BNB Chain, OKC Chain, and Polygon, ensuring compatibility with games on various networks.

Can I purchase Lingose Game (LING) directly with fiat currency?

Currently, direct purchases of Lingose Game (LING) with fiat currency are not available. You need to acquire another cryptocurrency like USDT, BTC, ETH, or BNB and use it to trade for Lingose Game (LING) on compatible exchanges or wallets.

What percentage of the total supply is allocated for user rewards?

Lingose has set aside 25% of the total supply of 10,000,000,000 LGT tokens for user rewards, incentivizing active participation within the ecosystem.

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