Hamster kombat Daily Combo Haul

Hamster kombat Daily Combo Haul
Hamster kombat Daily Combo Haul

Hamster kombat Daily Combo Haul

Hamster Kombat offers a daily combo that can earn you a massive haul of 5 million free in-game coins. To complete the daily combo, follow these steps:

Hamster Kombat mining

 Hamster Kombat mining coins is straightforward:

  1. Tap to Earn: The core mechanic involves tapping on the hamster to earn coins.
  2. Upgrade Your Exchange: Accumulate coins to improve your exchange, allowing you to earn coins faster.
  3. Use Boosts: Apply boosts to increase tap productivity and raise the energy limit. These boosts enhance your mining efficiency and help you collect Crypto coins more effectively.

How do I unlock new hamsters?

1. Tap and Earn

  • Tap on the Hamster: Look for the hamster in the blue circle and start tapping on it.
  • Earn Coins: Each tap earns you coins, which you can accumulate over time.
  • Purchase New Hamsters: Use these coins to buy new hamsters. Each new hamster you purchase will have unique abilities and can enhance your team’s strength.
  • Progression: As you progress in the game, you’ll unlock more powerful, rare, and even legendary hamsters, each adding more strategic depth to your gameplay.

2. Complete Challenges

  • Battle and Level Up: Engage in battles and focus on leveling up your current hamsters.
  • Earn Points: As your hamsters level up, you earn points.
  • Buy New Hamsters: Use these points to purchase new hamsters.
  • Guides: Refer to game guides for tips on how to level up efficiently and unlock hamsters faster.
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